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1st day:

Monster Generator & Index

The idea was to connect physical world and the imaginary world with a weird subject, monsters. It came from my dream of having my own Pokedex.

2nd day:

Steamy Sewer Idea

Steam often comes out of sewers on NYC's street, perfect for a new stage for commercials and art projects using the technologies from the water curtain movie.  

3rd day:

Immersive Prison

People love to try VR but what if they are forced to do that?

A new type of prison for education or torture mentally. It is also a project to let people look at nowadays virtual reality technology.

This is a head gear with built-in VR device, and sound system once zips on the back, cannot be taken off until when the system gives an order.

4th day:

Changeable Taste

Taste is more and more important rather than nutrition as nutritious needs are fulfilled easily these days. Changeable taste is an experimental device to study the taste by tasting and changing in real time. 

Considered using the CRISPR means to generate different flavor, but as I studied, it can't be real time. So I changed it to use the ordinary pills to do it. 

5th day:

Control Yourself

Life is a game. What if we can control ourselves like in the real world, like in a game, but without joysticks and controllers? 

This project is to accomplish this fun experience using VR technology and filming from your back. By augmented the raw video filmed from behind your neck, AR games & APPs can be built easily with really special experience. Also, this tech can also be used for security and police to enlarge their eyesight.  

Imagine this video happens in my VR device

6th day:

Really Haptic Mouse

Mice today are from the old times, they are compromises of the old tech. We could now not compromise that many thanks to new tech. To make our mice smarter and more natural in experience, I think mice should be like an appropriately soft shape that can be shaped and force touched. So I designed this foam like mouseFeature: soft, bouncy, wrist protecting.

7th day:

Chewing Control

Hands are getting busier now than ever before with tapping on screens and typing. Chewing is another really strong and interesting input method on our body. Mouth is one of the few places on our body that can hold things comfortably rather than wearing devices on. And chewing is an activity that we are familiar with and love to do for no reason with gums, so it may be good to use it as a control method. 

An example of controlling music by cheweing on the sensor.

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