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Adobe VR Visualizer


A VR design tool for professional designers who create large physical products or buildings that hard to prototype their design with high fidelity and low cost, avoiding months of work and tons of money spent on making physical models as in the traditional design process. This is a collaborative project with Asya Bashina, Maximilian Patterson, Sindu Babu and Nishad Prinja from Cornell Tech. My roles in the group are the product manager, interaction designer and demo developer. 


Dec 2016



At the beginning, Adobe gave us this question:

How might we best build a suite of VR-focused creative tools for professional designers?

We then began to decipher this question. We divided "VR-focused creative tools" into creating VR content and creating in VR environment. 

Keywords in the question

What VR can bring to the design of the physical products

Let's meet Sanja, she is designing a vehicle co-operating with a studio. 

This is what she would do without the Adobe VR Visualizer

Physical models designers made to see the scale and feel the design, which usually takes tons of money and weeks of crafting to make

Now, with the Adobe VR Visualizer...

Car designers and architects will be able to visualize their designs in a real-sized, vivid fashion with just a click instead of spending weeks to make a wooden or clay model.

Or if you still want the old-fashion way, VR Visualizer helps to make a better idea before designers commit to an idea to make into a physical prototype. 

So now the new process will be:

1. Sketch the idea

2. Make a digital model

3. Click on the Adobe VR Visualizer plugin from your 3D modeling software and put on your VR headset.

4. See your design beside you, walk around it, change the environment to fit the design, and compare previous designs.

Feedbacks from designers in the different field.

The business plan and the size of opportunity

How we see the future of the VR Design Suite in the professional end

Wireframing future product

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