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Invisible Dog



VR experience, the goal of which is to share the fear a dog-phobia person has to other people.

I myself is slightly dog-phobia, and find it hard to gain acceptance and understanding from dog lovers, which is 90% of any population.


Designed to make the player feel anxious and unhappy, I chose maze as the environment for its uncertainty which creates anxiety. Plus, I recorded and acted some voice effect myself to render the air of unpleasant and frightened. 


I used the 3D sound effect in Unity to create the stereo feeling of sound, which is the major trace in this game. 


Player's goal is to get out of the maze and not be killed by invisible dogs. TURN and RUN when engaging with invisible dogs cause they bite.


Feb 2016



User Testing video

(the last user's reaction is the funniest)


Wanna try?

Click here to download the .apk file. Put it in any Android phone from last 3 years, and install. Putting on a headphone is recommended and a Google Cardboard device is a must. 

Put on the head phone, run the app then put the phone in the Cardboard Goggle, and enjoy~ (tap anywhere on the screen to walk and tap again to stop)

*when you play, make sure you stand up, have someone else watching you play is also reccomanded. 

Welcome, any feedback to

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