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How does the game look like

Documentation video for the whole Pi Day project

Below are the pictures from the Pi Day event

Pi Labyrinth



This project is part of the Making VR Pi collab project, collaborating with LCCS and Google. 


The particular piece is a VR game that player use their gaze direction to go through a maze and collect coins. 


The narrative is based on the tale that students in LCCS made. A story about Mayor McSquare tried to destroy circles in the Circle City and Pi Lee the heroine fought against him. And this labyrinth was where Pi Lee gained her Pi Power to defeat Mayor McSquare.


This project was done by me, Aditi Surana and Seen Wan Lee. I actively took part in every aspect of this project, ex. game design, coding in Unity, sound design...


Also, this game was presented at Jersy City 6th Annual Pi Day event, PlayTek event in Parsons The New School for Design and LCCS STEAM Classes exhibition events and tested by hundreds of kids. 


March 2016



Selected to present in NYC Media Lab Annal Summit Demo section on Sept 22

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