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My Science Fiction Post#1

History of the Virtual Human

Feiou Su

Chapter One Dr. Senku

Dr. Senku is going to make a big decision. After scientists understood how human brain runs in mid-21st century, many application of this technology had been spawning. However, Dr. Senku, as the major contributor and head scientist of one of the projects, he was banned to go back to his lab for the government and army had taken over there. They knew his project was ambitious to try to upload every bit of human brain in to computer and reassemble them as digital signals, which means this human can be alive in this computer, and if linked to the Internet, this person can act as an elf in the wires. The project was like a fairy tale when its idea was presented and that was the reason the government did not step in at first. Dr. Senku reaches for his cheese cake, he likes to eat cheese cakes when having a big trouble, and “cakes always know what to do to fix the situation” he often tells his staff.

Keeping the bite of cake in his mouth, Senku starts recalling his memory. He was so eager to digitalize his own brain and that was why he kept pushing this project. Infinite knowledge, infinite life, optimization of all the physical limits, any of these advantage drives Dr. Senku so crazy that he wants this project to succeed in a crazy manner. He demanded everyone in his project group all live together and work without realization of days and nights, of course he paid them well enough to torture them. The budget came from a mysterious source which even Senku did not know his or her identity, but he accepted anyway to push his project forward.

Now, he knows he must do it. Senku had the cheat key to hack in the system, he has to hack inside the system before the government guys discover his back door in it. The system had never tested on human being, it tested with mice, and turned out to be a bunch of code having special behavior that act like mice. It was a success, Senku doesn’t believe in the theory human have some kind of souls that any other animals do not have to ignite humanity. He believes human brains are an upgrade of animal brains by adding 100 times more neurons. If the project hadn’t been interrupted by them, the government guys, next step would be a human trial, and now Senku wants to keep it on by hacking.

He decided to test on himself, he had decided this for a long time. This moment comes early because of the interruption, but Senku won’t mind, actually he is happy he can do this earlier and he has the confidence of the technology he invented. He has family and children, but he knows he won’t lose them, because after transformation, he can stay with them even better. The only thing he want to say good bye to is the feeling of poop and fart because he think he won’t simulate that feeling ever after he transforms. I can finally abandon this troublesome flesh, he thinks with his inside laughing crazily. Everything he thought did not show on his face, if there was someone else here, he would just see Senku eating cheese cake slowly and quietly without any expression on his face.

The cake is finished, now Dr. Senku opens his laptop and wears the head gear on. This head gear was newly made by things Senku bought online, he wasn’t able to bring anything out of his lab. The gear was simple electrical sensors that capture brain behavior and load into electronic neurons. For its sensors were not specialized as the sensors in the lab, the voltage of them were so high for the brain to take, which is needed to do high level brain electrical mapping. So the head gear will be mapping the neurons and at the same time killing them, which means Senku’s physical brain will die after this. And Senku connected a wire to the power source of this room, so it would trigger to set fire to burn the room after he finishes the transformation to make it look like an accident.

It starts to rain, a perfect weather to transform myself, he says to himself, just like Frankenstein. The light of the fire lights up the dark rainy sky, and a ghost starts to exist in the Internet form this on. This is the first page of the history of Virtual Human and how the first one transformed.

Chapter Two Senko

Senko wined ticket to travel to Japan yesterday. She didn’t get surprised, every time she needs something she would win it through some kind of online event. Since she was young she lost his father in a fire, maybe somehow make up to her, she lived a very lucky and smooth life. She loves virtual world, also called Internet in early 21st century, where she wins all the stuff she needs and all the conveniences. Senko wined a VIP membership of a famous flower shop, and she gets beautiful flowers on her birthday; she wined the scholarship to a world famous virtual university; she gets perfect answers whenever she asks a question in virtual forum.

Senko is always grateful to the virtual world. She does not have a father, but she consider the virtual world as a father-like role in her life. She is grateful for every distant virtual world user who she doesn’t know that ever helped her, she posts her everyday life and thoughts on it, she talks to different people online, they are all very kind and wise. After her graduation, Senko now is employed by the biggest virtual world company, Vilo, which company that runs 60% of the virtual world application and provides 70% of virtual world service, everyone has used their product in some way. Vilo was among the giant company that spawned after the virtual reality tide settled, it provided the first virtual experience that linked to our nerve system to make real feelings in virtual reality, and that’s when the phase virtual reality was replaced by virtual world. After decades of development, Vilo fell behind in the race to swallow the Internet into virtual world and thus nearly broke. Though Senko knows this history of Vilo, this story happened before she was born, and when she was young, Vilo got back to the field again, and with a new technology of transmit huge amount of data in very short time, Vilo quickly came back to its leading place, and has never lost it again for twenty years.

****to be continued****

***this is a story about how human being transform to live in the virtual world step by step******

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