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Self-Driving Service for Waymo:

Making an APP for the near future of self-driving


This is a 2 -person co-op project by me and Xiaomeng Tang( We are excited about the self-driving future and we can't wait to stay imaging it by starting this project: designing an APP for the self-driving ride and car rental service. This project requires an understanding of current technologies and trend in this field, and after thorough research, we supposed that the self-driving cars will first be introduced as a taxi service and, for its born specialty, it will also fit in the car rental business well.

This APP will be an all-in-one for any cases that people want to use a car in the future where no one needs to own any car themselves.

July 2017


Working with Xiaomeng was a great honor, she is a very talented and dedicated designer, you should check out her website to see her amazing work.


In this project, we divided work like this: she was to take charge of all the research and documentation, and I was to design user experience, behavior patterns and make an interactable prototype. And all the design decision we were making them together after long discussions.

Therefore, for detailed documentation of this project, please check out here: 

Final Products:​


Picking up


Schedule daily rides


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