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About me

Feiou Su is a designer focused on many different fields. Influenced by his childhood filled with robot building, stage performance, drawing, and chorus, he combines art, design and technology, and his goal is to be a fun designer, that creates a fun experience, enjoyment and happiness.  


In his undergraduate years, Feiou worked towards smart devices and “Internet of Things” to connect the experience of everything in our lives. In this pursuit, he joined the project of smart breakfast machine from Midea, a leader in Chinese electrical appliance, after great success, he joined the startup design studio GOKU to work on designing smart shoes and smart watches. Noticing car industry would be the next breakpoint in the creative revolution, Feiou dived into car design in 2013 and built his thesis project in hand with Honda, focused on the future car for parents in 2030.


With a Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Design, Feiou recognized his need in further learning of technologies and design approaches, so he made his way into Parsons the New School for Design in New York as a candidate of MFA Design and Technology. Here, he leaned himself in game design and interactive media design, combining his background in physical objects, he is on the way of being an all-around fun designer.


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