Vibration Tag



This is a multiplayer game created by me, in collaboration with Yumeng Wang, Chuck Kuan, and Magnus Pind. It is inspired by the traditional Tag game: one player act as the "ghost" and tag other players by touching them. However, in our game, there is more fun with the assistance of electronics. 


Each player will have 4 buttons that they can mount on their body, each one of the button has a vibration motor embedded. When the game starts, one of the buttons will vibrate to indicate the players themselves which one is their weak spot, which means if that button is pushed, the player will lose one point of health, and every player starts with 5 health points and 0 health point means elimination, last player stands wins. 


To introduce more dynamic and complexity, we designed a pair mode, indicated by the color of the LEDs. Regular color is red, indicating current health points, they turn yellow when they enter pair mode and need to pair, and they will turn green when pairing is done. If pairing failed, which means either passes the pair mode time or interrupted when pairing, each will lose 1 point. 




Oct 2016



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